Intelligent solutions
To live in harmony with the environment
The polyester films Sungard transform an ordinay glass
into a glass with particular performance characteristics,
eliminating the overheating problems of the environment,
invasion of privacy, risks relating to its breaking, etc.
Not only energy savings
solar control films Sungard combined with the performance
of shatterproof films, solve the problems of the glass:
safety and exposure to the sun.

Tinted and colored: the winning combination
the wide range of solar control films Sungard,
tinted and colored by the extraordinary optical clarity,
are preferred by the majority of
professional installers.

Protegam Sun Italy Srl
exclusive distributor of  products Protegard Sun-Gard and Glass-Gard

We are exclusive distributors for Italy and the Republic of San Marino of the products of the brand Sun-Gard and Glass-Gard, we propose ourselves on the market as a modern, efficient and innovative, based on four solid pillars. We offer a wide range of products of the highest quality, technologically advanced, able to meet the standards required by the world market and solve any kind of problem related to glass, energy saving and safety.

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    The solar control films are an extremely versatile and innovative product, able to modify the characteristics of a solar optical glass ...

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  • pellicole di sicurezza per vetro

    The safety films transform an ordinary glass into a safety glass with different degrees of protection: anti-graffiti, splinter, accident prevention, fall protection ...

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  • pellicole antisolari per vetro

    The sun protection films for cars are nowadays very popular and in demand as an aesthetic attribute to the vehicle ...

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  • pellicole decorative per vetro

    Specialty offers a range of design and decorative solutions. To achieve reserved spaces, create light, personalize the glass with visualizations ...

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Training Courses 

A perfect application depends not only on the quality of the films but also by the work of the installer. For this reason, we invest a lot of effort in training our business partners.

Technical Support 

The Protegam team is constantly trained and updated directly from the Mother House. This allows us to offer our customers a deep technical knowledge of the products and methods of application. 

Sales Support 

To successfully establish itself, any company needs to be strong, prepared and innovative. Create, maintain and disseminate a winning image is a job that requires knowledge, commitment and investment. 

Sun-Gard and Glass-Gard
manufactured in the United States by Madico Inc.

Madico Inc. is a world leader in the production of polyester films. The factory has recently celebrated 100 years of activity in the industry and operates in more than 70 countries, distinguished by its commitment to research, innovation and constant professionalism.